Schedule of Events
Feast of Tabernacles 2019

Sunday          October 13th
                        10:30 am                        Worship/Word – Wes Daughenbaugh
                          7:00 pm                        Worship/Word – John and Dana Roman
                                                                                    Special Songs:  Sheila Zellers
Monday          October 14th
                          5:15 pm                        Potluck Dinner!
                          7:00 pm                        Worship/Word – Sheila Zellers
Tuesday         October 15th                       
                        10:30 am                        Workshop – Betty Green Suddreth  
                          7:00 pm                        Worship/Word – Wes Daughenbaugh
Wednesday   October 16th 
                         10:30 am                       Workshop: Shawn Wilder
                           7:00 pm                       Worship/Word – Roy Cypher
Thursday        October 17th 
                          7:00 pm                       Worship/Word – Seth Aumock
Friday             October 18th
                        10:30 am                        Workshop/Worship – Matt Vines
                          5:15 pm                        Great Feast! Potluck Dinner!
                          7:00 pm                        Worship/Word – Seth Aumock
Saturday        October 19th 
                          8:15 am                        Sightseeing! Includes Vermont Country Store and Train ride!
                          7:00 pm                        Worship/Word – Matt Vines          
Sunday           October 20th 
                        10:30 am                        Worship/Word – John and Dana Roman
                                                                 Final Exhortation:  Lani and Kathy Janisse, Roy Cypher, &
                                                                 All Ministries
Personal Ministry: As led by Holy Spirit will occur spontaneously and after services.
Nursery is provided for children during the evening services and Sunday morning service.  Other times of Ministry, Intercession, etc. will be announced.  Please Note: This schedule is flexible and subject to change in submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  

For further information on any of the feast dates please call: (802) 295-5738.

If you would like to learn a little more about the Feasts of the Lord click here to download a PDF.
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